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Ice Cream Mobile Cart

Holds approximately 150-300 individual scoops (4oz)

$3 per Scoop (4oz)

Includes spoons and napkins

$100 for 4 hours within a 10-mile radius

$50 If you would like an employee to man the cart for 4 hours.


*Must call ahead to reserve

3 Gallon Tub of Hand Dip

$70 Any of our hand dip ice cream flavors

Must be ordered a week in advance 

Must be paid for the day it is ordered 

*3 gallon Insulated Cold Crock available for $25 deposit- they maintain ice cream at or below 32 degrees for a 6 to 10 hour time span

Ice Cream "in a Box"

Bring your own cooler or we can box it up for you

 Small coolers with wheels available with a $25 deposit

(holds 66 single scoops/ 126 baby scoops)

$3 per single scoop (4 oz)

$2 per baby scoop (2 oz)

Includes Spoons 

*Must Call to place order AT LEAST ONE WEEK in advance 

Special Orders

If you are in need of a large quantity of popsicles, hand dip pints/quarts, chocolate covered bananas or ice cream sandwiches please call ahead of time to place order 

Call 517-265-6188
or DM us on Facebook For All Questions and Inquiries 

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